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Product Features


Realinflo Floor

Realinflo Floor is a FREE platform for brokers, surveyors and researchers in Asia to trade office, retail and industrial lease comps that are otherwise hard to obtain in an opaque market. It can serve as your primary database for lease comps or you can use it to complement your in-house databases.

Realinflo Insights

Developed with investors, landlords, developers, and lenders in mind, Realinflo Insights offers premium access to comprehensive transaction data. With Insights, you have access to agglomerated data from private databases, granular data from within Realinflo Floor, and the use of the Insights in-platform analytic tools.

Your Primary Database For Lease Comps

Save time and resources to find the information you need. We offer detailed and comprehensive sales comps, lease comps, and property information so you can do your job more efficiently.

No Data Entry

Let us do all the hard work – send comps in any format or use our uploader template.

Map Search

Easily search for properties within a specific area with our polygon search tool in the map view.


After a comp is securely submitted, user information is anonymised to protect confidentiality.


Detailed Information

We collect detailed information on each comp to give you a clearer picture of your market



Comps are verified and checked for accuracy by us before they are added to our platform, ensuring its accuracy.

Private Database

You can choose whether to submit comps purely for your own database or to earn ‘bricks’ for trading comps